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Portable Games: Aracade Pack

July 28, 2006

Here is something for the weekend: a collection of 9 classic arcade games (well, if you want to count tic-tac-toe as an arcade game). This is a great collection that I have been playing for a while that isn’t packaged as a portable game but can be made to be portable by first installing it […]

Launchers: Easy Access to your Apps

July 26, 2006

Probably the most essential application you can have on your flash drive is an app launcher. A launcher allows easy access to all your portable apps. The one I use is PStart. It’s small, simple and helps you create an autorun.inf file to place in your flash drive’s root directory so that when you plug […]

Portable Game Review: Arkanoid

July 25, 2006

This is one of my all-time favorite arcade games! I have played so many versions of this game, I should start a collection. Arkanoid goes by many names, such as Breakout, Brick, Pong and MegaBall. One of my favorite versions that I’ve ever played is DX-Ball but it isn’t packaged as portable. It makes entries […]

Music, Cars and Flash Drives

July 24, 2006

There are a variety of FM stereo transmitters on the market that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and play your MP3s off of your USB flash drive. This is a great way to turn your flash drive into a music player at an affordable price (several models are priced around 30$ US), provided you […]

Real-Time Virus Protection Part I

July 21, 2006

UPDATE AUGUST 12, 2006: I’ve re-evaluated a clamwin/winpooch combination. From my understanding, Winpooch has to be installed on a PC to work (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m currently evaluating Avira AntiVir which seems to be portable and it has integrated real-time protection. Results to follow… Having a good portable antivirus on your flash drive […]

eBook Lovers: Another Terrific eBook Reader for Flash Drives!

July 20, 2006

As mentioned in a previous post, I use the portable DocReader when reading on my laptop; however, I have recently found another portable ebook reader called Tom’s eTextReader. Great Features for Reading I find this software really great. It does everything DocReader does, but has many more features. For example, the interface is styled in […]

A Flash Drive for your Dog

July 19, 2006

Did you know that even Fido can have his own flash drive? The Top Tag Pet ID ($39.95 US) is a mini flash drive for your pet where you can outline your contact information, your pet’s diet, commands, medical information, personality and exercise habits in an easy to use interface. It comes with a waterproof […]

Portable Games Review: PacMan !!!

July 18, 2006

I spent most of the 1980s playing arcade games on my Commodore 64 (and a few precious times at the arcade) and, like many people who grew up in the 80s, never lost my love for them. I continue playing arcade games on computers, on my Palm Tungsten E, on my Google personal page and […]

Personalize your Flash Drive!

July 17, 2006

I’ve been searching the web for some ideas on modifying my flash drive and found a few some ingenious ideas and instructions. If your looking for ideas to customize your flash drive, perhaps these sites will offer some inspiration! Pez Dispenser mods: Pez drives pitcures Nice Darth Vader Pez intructions Instructions on making your own […]

Bootable XP Flash Drive Installation Guide

July 16, 2006

Boy, does this look complicated! Good luck to you if you want to attempt making your flash drive bootable! From Information Week. Langa Letter: A Must-Have Repair And Recovery Tool Here’s another how-to article: http://www.weethet.nl/english/hardware_bootfromusbstick.php And once your flash drive is bootable, here are two great sites that have tons of useful diagnostic tools and […]

The Compulsive eBook Reader

July 15, 2006

Although I generally carry my Palm Tungsten with me everywhere I go in case I have a spare moment to read one of the many ebooks loaded on my compact flash card, I have found myself in situations where I don’t have it but have computer access. My flash drive is on my keyring and […]

Linux on your Flash Drive

July 13, 2006

Here is a great site called Linux on a Stick!. It gives very clear instructions on how to install Linux on your flash drive and make it bootable. Although this isn’t a quick and simple installation, this site thouroughly explains everything step by step and insists that anyone can learn how to do it. Putting […]

Portable Games – (updated July 16)

July 12, 2006

Yes, there are even portable games that you can carry around on your flash drive to play! Check out these links: List of Portable Computer Games from the Wikipedia, a monster list!! Portable Puzzles. Super Mario War Cool! The InfoBox. a small list of 11 games but they are all found on Wikipedia and/or PortableFreeware.com […]