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Top 11 Places to Find Portable Apps

UPDATE March 26, 2007: For an up-to-date list of portable apps resources, check my Links page.

Here are my favorite sources for finding portable software. Lots of apps to explore so have fun!

  1. Portable Apps. A very nice collection of free portable software. Available for individual download or in a package. Updated regularly
  2. Portable Freeware. A HUGE collection of portable software all for free.
  3. Portable Software Blog reviewing lots of different apps.
  4. No-Install Portal for stand-alone apps. Downloads, Forum and news
  5. Wikipedia List of Portable Apps The Wikipedia list, this is also a very HUGE list, and has a nice list to external sites.
  6. The Info BoxThis is also a huge collection, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the software categories: Productivity, Security, Utilities, Multimedia, Games and Education
  7. Snapfiles. Handy programs to put on a USB stick.
  8. Kikizas.net. A well organized list of apps.
  9. Dirk Loss’s site Over 600 portable apps!
  10. Bureau de Poche – English Version. And Bureau de Poche – French Version.
  11. MarkTaw.com: My Favorite Smallware

3 Responses to “Top 11 Places to Find Portable Apps”

  1. another idea for porties (my term) is http://sourceforge.net/ – i find that open source software is much more conducive to being modified. from there i have made portable stellarium and celestia (planetarium & 3d space simulation-respectively) all with the use of universal extractor (or 7zip maywork). anyway, great resource for us usb freaks!

  2. good point stringdecay – I’ve found a lot of portable apps there and games too.

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