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Portable Games Review: PacMan !!!

I spent most of the 1980s playing arcade games on my Commodore 64 (and a few precious times at the arcade) and, like many people who grew up in the 80s, never lost my love for them. I continue playing arcade games on computers, on my Palm Tungsten E, on my Google personal page and now my flash drive. Since I haven’t yet found a site specifically for portable arcade games, I thought it would be helpful to start one for other arcade aficionados out there. So, each week I will be testing out some portable arcade games and write up about it. The games that make it on the list will have to follow these criteria: 1) They’re FREE!, 2) They’re faithful to the originals (I prefer to stay away from 3D remakes and such), and 3) They’re completely portable!

This week, we’ll start with the quintessential arcade game: none other than PacMan (and his sweetheart, Ms. PacMan!). You can download both portable PacMan and Ms. PacMan here.

The screen in this version is very large, which can take some getting used to since the game scrolls up and down automatically depending on where you move – i guess because it was designed for older DOS machines. These 2 games are very faithful to the original and the sounds are great; just like the good ol’ days! (Incidentally, there is also a version of QBert on the same site – it looks good; however, I have not gotten it to work on my PC yet).

If you’re looking to know more about PacMan so that you can become a true PacMan Geek or because you want to learn how to improve your scores, check out this great site : The PacMan Guide. I had never noticed that the ghosts had different characteristics and control zones – amazing the valuable information you can find on the Internet! I haven’t yet tested this version of PacMan to see if the ghosts behave as the guide describes, something I’ll have to do!

Have fun and drop me a note if you have other versions of PacMan (if they are free, portable and as close to the originals as possible).

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