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A Flash Drive for your Dog

Did you know that even Fido can have his own flash drive? The Top Tag Pet ID ($39.95 US) is a mini flash drive for your pet where you can outline your contact information, your pet’s diet, commands, medical information, personality and exercise habits in an easy to use interface. It comes with a waterproof case (that doesn’t seem to be 100% waterproof since they mention in the FAQ that it can still get wet), but I would be afraid that the cover poses a choking hazard to your pet.

I guess this product could be useful for some pet owners, as for me and my dog Molly, I think we’ll just stick to the old fashioned bone-shaped tag with her name and my phone number on it for now. After the Canadian exchange and the taxes are applied, this gadget becomes too expensive for a single purpose item that would go on an active dog who is sure to loose the cover and probably damage the drive.

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