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eBook Lovers: Another Terrific eBook Reader for Flash Drives!

As mentioned in a previous post, I use the portable DocReader when reading on my laptop; however, I have recently found another portable ebook reader called Tom’s eTextReader.

Great Features for Reading

I find this software really great. It does everything DocReader does, but has many more features. For example, the interface is styled in the format of a book. This goes beyond being cute; it allows for 2 page display which reduces the amount of scrolling the reader has to do. What’s more, in the preferences you can set the number of seconds for the page to turn automatically so you never have to touch the keyboard/mouse.

File Formats

It also opens more formats than DocReader. You can open HTML, TXT, DOC, OpenOffice formats, PDB, XML, and you can even read directly from zip archives. It also has an integrated Project Gutenberg browser and downloader. Like DocReader, you can edit documents as well.


Tom’s eTextReader is my new favorite eReader! It’s packed with features and time-savers that makes reading on my laptop as enjoyable as reading on my Palm PDA; I never thought that would happen!

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