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Music, Cars and Flash Drives

There are a variety of FM stereo transmitters on the market that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and play your MP3s off of your USB flash drive. This is a great way to turn your flash drive into a music player at an affordable price (several models are priced around 30$ US), provided you own a car!

Plug your flash drive into one of these transmitters then select an FM channel on your car and player and the music is broadcast through your car’s speakers. I haven’t tried these transmitters out but if any readers have, I would love to hear feedback regarding the sound quality of these devices.

3 Responses to “Music, Cars and Flash Drives”

  1. I thought those are for transimitting played music by FM signals, so they only work on MP3 players, not plain USB drives.

  2. No, not these particular models. If you check out the link you will see a detailed description; Here is a quote from the site selling these units:

    “Take any average USB Flashdrive (aka thumbdrive) and turn it into an in-car mp3 player. Simply insert the USB flash-drive into the FM transmitter…”

    You can plug your iPod (or other MP3 player) in as well though – it’s not only for USB flash drives, and the unit can act as a charger for those devices.

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