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Portable Game Review: Arkanoid

This is one of my all-time favorite arcade games! I have played so many versions of this game, I should start a collection. Arkanoid goes by many names, such as Breakout, Brick, Pong and MegaBall.

One of my favorite versions that I’ve ever played is DX-Ball but it isn’t packaged as portable. It makes entries into the registry and is only packaged with an installer. Anyway, I tried to make it “portable” and it works. I installed version 1.09, saved all the files from the game’s directory and then did an uninstall from the Windows Control Panel. I was then able to play the game from my copied directory without a problem. (This game has a built-in level editor to make your own levels. You can access it by pressing CTRL-F1).

A truly portable version of Breakout, called LBreakout 2, can be found here. Select the “Win32 port w/o installer” version if you are a Windows user (they also have Linux and Mac versions). This is a pretty cool version as well. It features network play as well as a built-in editor. The local game is located in the Client folder. After playing DX-Ball for so many years, I guess I need a period of adjustment to get used to a new Breakout game but it looks like this version is worth a try as I’m really enjoying it; sometimes change is good!

Here are the download sites:

If you are into game cheats, check this site out for a list of DX-Ball cheats.

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