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MemPad: Organize All Your Notes

MemPad is a handy app that helps you to sort all your notes. It allows you to define a tree-like structure with sub-levels.For example, say you are a programmer and you want to store code snippets. You could define different headings like Database, Communications, Graphics and paste code into each page. It keeps all your research organized and easy to access.

It’s like KeyPad (which is what I was using before) but much smaller; only 86 K! Unlike Keypad, it’s packaged as portable. The interface is not as intuitive; two buttons have the same icon but do different things and there are a lot less features compared to KeyPad (but Keypad is over 2 M).
Download: http://home.mnet-online.de/horst.muc/win/index.html

3 Responses to “MemPad: Organize All Your Notes”

  1. Thank you for these uselful little apps! All the best!

  2. […] While I’m still using Mempad for general note-taking, I’m finding TiddlyWiki very useful for organizing research on a single topic and for organizing large projects. It’s also great for to-do lists! There is a site that allows you to host your TiddlyWiki for free at Tiddlyspot. You can easily download your page to work on it offline and to carry a backup on your flash drive. […]

  3. A year and a half ago, Mempad replaced my trusty Treepad as my main organizer, though I have so many archives on Treepad that I still use it as well. Mempad is truly portable, keeps its data files small, and very fast. I agree it is not very intuitive, but for quick and ease for day to day use, there is nothing better.

    One really handy thing is the {F6} diary key, which creates a sorted page with today’s date. Great for todo lists, memos, etc., that don’t easily fit into a permanent tree.

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