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Macromedia Flash Arcade Games

Alright, these may not be truly portable in the strictest sense but I thought I’d pass this along because they are small and well-made arcade games. The computer you connect your flash drive to has to have Macromedia Flash Player installed and the browser has to have javascript activated. The website says the games run best on Explorer but I have played them all on Firefox and they run without any problems.

Each game has just one file (an .swf file), you just need to copy it to your flash drive. To play, simply open the file in your browser. You do not need to be online.

I’m unsure how many levels these games have (I didn’t get far enough yet!) but they are nice light games, fast to load and simple to run (provided you have Flash installed).
Here are the games that are available(you can right-click the link and select Save Link As (or Save Target As) to copy the flash game from here) :

Download site and help on installing: http://www.80smusiclyrics.com/download_games.shtml

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