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Portable Games: SkyRoads

SkyRoads is a sweet little game from 1993 in which you maneuver a space ship, always keeping it on a path full of stairs, holes and obstacles. In today’s post, we’ll look at two SkyRoads games; the original and a modern Windows/Linux version called Jumpnroll. Both are, as usual, free and portable.

The original SkyRoads can be played by keyboard or with your mouse. There are plenty of levels to keep you entertained! If you can’t get enough of this game, you can download another release of the game (it’s also free and the full version) on their site called SkyRoads X-MAS special which has different levels and is even more challenging to play.


Download: http://www.bluemoon.ee/history/skyroads/index.html

Jumpnroll is just as fun and it’s open-source. Instead of a space-ship, you guide a small ball along the path with the arrow keys and jump with your space bar. It’s a very simple game but very engaging! I like the responsiveness of the ball; it reacts immediately to your control (unlike some frustrating car games).


Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jumpnroll

These games are great fun, hope you enjoy them!


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