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Aztec Challenge: Portable Remake for PC

I wonder if there are readers who remember this great game, Aztec Challenge. I invested most of my teenage years playing this game on the Commodore 64 and managed to complete all the levels once – one of my greatest accomplishments! I have been looking for a PC version of Aztec Challenge for ages and I happen to have found one today!

You start off running the gauntlet of spear throwers – avoid the spears by jumping and ducking with the UP and DOWN arrow keys – who are trying to thwart your escape from slavery. The pyramid gets closer and closer, but if you get hit you have to start the level all over!

I don’t know if all the levels are there (I’m a little out of practice and can’t seem to get past the first level!! *blushes*) but it’s a completely portable version of the game with modern graphics. Neat! It doesn’t save high scores though. I still wish I could find a full screen PC version with the original look. Playing in the small VICE emulator window just doesn’t have the same effect.

Download the Aztec Challenge remake here: http://www.merseyremakes.co.uk/games/aztecchallenge.zip


For some help with this game, check out: Aztec Challenge FAQ/Walkthru.


4 Responses to “Aztec Challenge: Portable Remake for PC”

  1. the link don’t work

  2. DuoDeno,

    Mersey Remakes (where AC was hosted) went down in a recent hack.

    In the meantime, you can download Smila’s remake from here:
    or here:


  3. Thanks for the news on the links Gabe!

  4. No worries Christine
    – hope you find some more good “portable games” to blog about. 🙂

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