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Missile Command

Here are 3 different versions of the classic arcade game Missile Command. There are a lot of 3D remakes of this game but I had a devil of a time finding a classic version. Of the games I tested, here are three good portable versions, depending on your tastes.

ABM COMMAND (only 78 KB!)
This one is my favorite, probably because it’s the most faithful to the original. A nice 2D version that will bring back memories for us older folk! Use your mouse and click on the incoming missiles. For Windows only.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.worldvillage.com/wv/gamezone/download/abmcmd.zip

Another 2D version with some nice backgrounds and additions. You have 3 missile launchers to control and you can play with your mouse (I haven’t figured out how to launch anything with the center launcher, but use your left and right buttons for the respective launchers) or the keyboard using the keys A, S and D. Available for most platforms.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.linux-games.com/penguin-command/

MISSILE COMMAND 3D (takes up 12 MB)
Here’s a 3D version with a panoramic view. Cool sounds; tough to play.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.minionsoft.com/arcade/download/MC.zip

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