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Archive for September 2006

A Portable Pac-Man Clone

September 30, 2006

There are never too many Pac-Man games to play and this one is portable! It’s another great game by MinionSoft who have a nice selection of classic arcade remakes and a few other neat games like Star Wars. The Pac-Man clone is only 2.7 MB. It has its own look but it’s still very close […]

Asteroids Roundup

September 23, 2006

I added three portable Asteroids games to the Games Page, ranging in size from 22 KB to 14 MB. Let’s have a look at them: Asteroids Classic – Macromedia Flash version Exactly like the good ol’ days! My personal favorite! Plus it’s the smallest at 22 KB. As mentioned before, you need to have Macromedia […]

Portable Moon Patrol

September 12, 2006

Remember this side-scrolling game where you had to jump your moon car over craters? It’s a pretty fun game. Here are links to a flash version and a Windows version. Download Moon Patrol – Windows Version: Moon Patrol from MinionSoft Download Moon Patrol Flash Version: Moon Patrol Flash Version

Pogo Joe: Q-bert for C64 Emulator

September 6, 2006

Pogo Joe was the Commodore 64 clone of Q-bert – I remember playing this game a lot. You can get a copy of Pogo Joe here: http://www.c64g.com/. Remember, you need an emulator like VICE to play it. Both the game and the emulator are portable and can be uploaded to your flash drive.

Q-Bert Week

September 5, 2006

This week we’ll look at a few Q-Bert remakes. We’ll start with a Flash version that you can download here: http://www.retroremakes.com/download.php?gameid=819. This game is 440KB but needs Macromedia Flash installed on the PC. The sound effects are hilarious and the game is fun! Later this week, we’ll look at a MS-DOS version and, hopefully if […]

Portable App Collection Released

September 3, 2006

Update March 23: The link for this site has chnaged to : http://www.featheroffice.com/ Bureau de Poche is a collection of portable apps that’s been available in French for some time – it’s now available in English over at http://www.bureaudepoche.com/english_versionhttp://www.featheroffice.com/. This collection of over 50 files has a bit of everything all in one handy zip […]