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Asteroids Roundup

I added three portable Asteroids games to the Games Page, ranging in size from 22 KB to 14 MB. Let’s have a look at them:

Asteroids Classic – Macromedia Flash version

Exactly like the good ol’ days! My personal favorite! Plus it’s the smallest at 22 KB. As mentioned before, you need to have Macromedia Plug-in installed on the computers you play on. To download, click on the file below, then do a Save Page As from your browser’s File menu.


Asteroids Clone from Minionsoft

This one is a pretty fun version. It’s 2.77 MB and in 3D. There’s a warp speed feature where you can apear in another place on the screen in a flash.

Minionsoft Asteroids

Asteroids Clone

Another 3D version. I can’t play this one for long since the movement makes me sea sick – not the game’s fault as the graphics are neat. Give it a try if you don’t mind the 14 MB file size.


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