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Portable Games for Thanksgiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada; if your family is like mine and always asks you, “Can you fix my computer?” everytime you come for a holiday visit, here are a few good games to sneak onto your flash drive to make it look like you are “fixing the computer.” Might as well have fun as you’re tweaking mom’s computer!

Like Breakout? Here is one small clone – 5 K!! It’s DOS-based, so the graphics are pixelated. And even better – no sound so you can really play incognito! Download Blockage here.

I couldn’t find any turkey games, but here is a portable game from the poultry family called Chicken Invaders. This game comes with an installer so you can install it to your PC then copy the files to your flash drive (I guess you could also install it directly to your flash drive). It’s a funny game based on Space Invaders except instead of aliens, it’s chicken dropping eggs on your spaceship.

And finally, here’s a Ferrari car racing game called RunOut that is 16 MB. Again, it comes with an installer, so just install it to your PC and then copy the files to your flash drive – it plays great off the flash drive and you can adjust the game window to be able to play the game and fix a computer at the same time

Don’t forget to check out the GAMES page on this site for more games to bring with you and have a Happy Thanksgiving/day off for those of you celebrating it!

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