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TiddlyWiki Revisited

A while ago I tried out TiddlyWiki after reading about its virtues – a single HTML file with a blog-like interface that could be edited through your browser and carried around on your USB drive. Great for to do lists and all kinds of things. Sounded pretty cool, but I just didn’t get it at first. And I’m a programmer to boot – how embarrassing!

Anyway, truth is I didn’t spend enough time with it. That’s me: if software isn’t intuitive enough for me to understand within 60 seconds, I get frustrated. It’s a bad habit but thankfully in this case I tried it again and I’m now addicted to Tiddlywikis. It’s actually so easy to use that I wonder why I had problems understanding it in the first place!

While I’m still using Mempad for general note-taking, I’m finding TiddlyWiki very useful for organizing research on a single topic and for organizing large projects. It’s also great for to-do lists!
There is a site that allows you to host your TiddlyWiki for free at Tiddlyspot. You can easily download your page to work on it offline and to carry a backup on your flash drive.

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