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Portable Halloween Games for your Little Monsters

Here are some nice little Halloween-themed games for monsters of all ages!

Taurus Media – This site has two portable Halloween games, one based on Bejewelled named, naturally, BeGhouled. And the other called Monster Frenzy where the one-eyed monster character from Monster Inc. has to feed monsters fruit matching the color of the monster. Just a note, if you want to exit the game, you have to press Esc while playing the game; in other words, not after the game is over. Both are non-violent fun! While you’re at the Taurus Media site, check out the other two free games you can download: MegaBot (a mario-like scrolling game that I have yet to test out) and BubbleEscape (based loosely on Missile Command but instead of shooting missiles you shoot at escaping bubbles aiming for the ones that have aliens (Boblins) inside them in order to rescue them…a creative way of using shooting in order to SAVE lives! This game is really fun!).

Halloween Tetris – a small Tetris clone for Tetrisaholics. I’m not a Tetris fan but I tested it out quickly and it’s a single executable and portable. Only 348 KB and for Windows only.


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