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Archive for November 2006

Blobby Volley Arcade Game

November 25, 2006

An arcade game for volleyball fans, a new version of Blobby Volley is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. I tested it on Windows and it’s pretty challenging. The game is only 2.32 MB and supports network play. It takes some practice at first, at least it did for me and quite a bit too! […]

Keeping Your Data Private

November 25, 2006

Today’s post is about a free portable application that lets you write encrypted notes onto your flash drive. The application is called Steganos Locknote and it can be found here: http://locknote.steganos.com/. This application is really handy and easy to use! Its size is 296KB plus your data’s size. Each “document” you make (say one for […]

FilaxTeroid – Awesome Asteroids Remake

November 19, 2006

The excellent site, Retro Remakes, wrote about a new asteroids remake named FilaxTeroid. Since I never get tired of testing Asteroids games, I gave it a try. Nothing new, a standard Asteroids game but with very nice graphics and sounds. The game is just over 4 MB and completely portable. The download includes a Windows […]

Slax Linux and Games

November 11, 2006

I’ve been in between computers lately, working on an old Win98 machine with 98 MB of RAM. In my attempt to make that machine a little faster while shopping for a new PC, I tried out a few distributions of Linux, one of which is a portable Linux called Slax. I ran it off a […]