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Spy Hunter Clones

Spy Hunter is one of my all-time favorite games. For a long time, I’ve been playing Highway Pursuit, which is a 3D remake of Spy Hunter and one of the best clones I’ve ever played. Unfortunately, it has an installation program and makes entries into the registry, so it’s not portable!

Another Spy Hunter clone is Kamikaze Racer. This game is 2D, about 9MB and truly portable. Although it is not as fun as Highway Pursuit and not as good as the original Spy Hunter, it’s the best PC version I’ve found to date. Hopefully, someone will come out with a better portable remake of the classic Spy Hunter soon! You can download this game here: Kamikaze Racer

Another alternative is to use an emulator to play the game. For example, you can play with the MAME emulator and ROM or the Commodore 64 VICE emulator and get the C64 version of Spy Hunter here.

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