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Archive for March 2007

Get The Glass: 3D Online Board Game

March 28, 2007

Get the Glass! is an online board game where the object is to help the Adachi family find some milk while the milk police is in hot pursuit bent on sending them to Milkatraz. You have various timed challenges to perform (some of which are a little ridiculous) and trivia to answer along the way. […]

Best Commodore 64 Game Archive Ever!

March 27, 2007

If you’re looking for the best place to download a ton of Commodore 64 games to play on your portable VICE emulator, visit http://c64g.com/. Here are a few games I’ve downloaded so far: Max Headroom I was really happy to have found this game! Now, if only I can figure out how to play it, […]

Floppy Office – An App Collection under 2 MB!

March 26, 2007

Need to make more room on your flash drive for all those portable games? Most portable app collections are 80 MB and more but this little collection, called Floppy Office, could fit on a floppy disk (remember those?)! Well, if they are zipped, that is. Once all the apps are unzipped, the size is just […]

Donkey Kong, Scramble, PacMan and more!

March 23, 2007

This site has a bunch of small portable arcade games: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/freeware01/gamemaker.htm I tested out Donkey Kong, Scramble, Burger Time and Space Invaders but there are much more to choose from such as 2 PacMan clones, Nibbles and other Commodore 64 remakes. The games I tested are all pretty small at around 3 MB or less. […]

3D Modeling Portable App

March 22, 2007

Here is a really interesting graphics app I found while browsing the list of portable apps on the Loose Wire blog. It’s an amazing 3D modeling and animation program called Anim8or. The program is self-contained in a single exe file and is incredibly small – under 2 MB – and it’s free! The site has […]

Ghosbusters Paper Craft Car

March 19, 2007

Here’s something a little different today – instead of playing the portable Ghostbusters Remake game, build a very realistic model of the very cool Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car entirely out of paper! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that website’s page to download the instructions and printouts – they are all in jpg […]

Super Mario Mayhem and Super Mario underground

March 17, 2007

Two games from Bonzomonks; one is a full game and the other is actually a work in progress but you can play 3 levels in the meantime. Super Mario Mayhem is a great game with 18 levels and only 1.15 MB. It’s funny and lots of fun! Super Mario Underground is the demo game that […]

Super Mario War Multiplayer

March 17, 2007

Time to catch up on Mario Week posts, so here’s a portable multi-platform Super Mario multiplayer game called Super Mario War. I wasn’t able to test this one since I couldn’t find anyone to play with but it looks pretty good. You can play up to four players and there are lots of different game […]

Super Mario Pac

March 13, 2007

Another portable Mario game for Mario Week called Super Mario Pac for Windows. It’s very small at just 1 MB! Here’s a description of the game from the web site: Mario is trapped and being attacked by evil creatures, he must use his plumbing skills and the FLUDD backpac he acquired on a recent holiday […]

Secret Maryo Chronicles

March 12, 2007

For Day 2 of Mario Week, here is an excellent portable Mario clone called Secret Maryo Chronicles: http://www.secretmaryo.org/ The extracted game is over 40 MB and is available for Windows and Linux platforms. The game is regularly maintained so make sure to bookmark the secretmaryo.com site for upgrades and news. I’ll let you browse the […]

Feather Office Game Pack

March 10, 2007

Head on over to FeatherOffice.com and check out their game pack. Although it’s over 60 MB, it’s a single executable file that contains about 20 games. This game pack runs off your flash drive and shows up in your PC’s system tray. When you right-click on the icon you can select one of the games […]

Mario Brothers Game-A-Day Week:MarioKart

March 9, 2007

Judging from the popularity of the last Mario Brothers post, there are a lot of Mario fans out there! So for the next week I’ll explore several portable Mario games – starting with Mario Kart; a great diversion for the weekend! We have 3 different portable versions of this great game: SuperTuxKart Super Mario Kart […]

Burger Time!

March 2, 2007

Before I begin this post, let me issue a warning: this game is highly addictive!!! I have been playing Burger Time all week after finding a website dedicated to the game over at http://www.burgertime.info/. The site offers everything Burger Time: history, strategy, manuals, several games and ROMS and even an online Flash version of the […]