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Burger Time!

Before I begin this post, let me issue a warning: this game is highly addictive!!!

I have been playing Burger Time all week after finding a website dedicated to the game over at http://www.burgertime.info/. The site offers everything Burger Time: history, strategy, manuals, several games and ROMS and even an online Flash version of the game. There is a DOS version available, called Burgertime PC Game (which doesn’t work well on Windows XP unless you have a DOS emulator); however, the one I liked the most was the Windows version of Burger Space v.1.6. It’s only 668 KB in size and completely portable! The only issue I have with this version is that it doesn’t save high scores; other than that, it’s a terrific game! This version is also available for Unix platforms.

The object of the game is to make the burgers by walking over the burger parts while avoiding the walking eggs and sausages. If you get cornered by those nasty characters, you can shake some pepper on them with the CTRL key to get past them safely. Also, when you walk over the burger parts to knock them down, try to squish the eggs and sausages at the same time for extra points!


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