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Mario Brothers Game-A-Day Week:MarioKart

Judging from the popularity of the last Mario Brothers post, there are a lot of Mario fans out there! So for the next week I’ll explore several portable Mario games – starting with Mario Kart; a great diversion for the weekend!

We have 3 different portable versions of this great game:

A 3D remake using the famous Linux mascot Tux. Lots of different scenery and lots of fun. This is definitely my favorite! It’s a hefty 36 MB and has Windows and Linux versions.

Super Mario Kart
This is a 2D game and is pretty good. It’s 1.79 MB and for Windows only; quite a bit lighter than SuperTuxKart if you can’t spare the space.

Super Mario Kart Remix: Super Circuit
Since this game doesn’t run on XP, I was unable to test it. It is portable and it had some good reviews on Acid Play. Give it a try if you’re running on Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME or Windows2000.

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