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April 29, 2007

Here’s another guide-the-ball-through-a-maze game called Trackballs. There’s a version for Windows and Linux. The Windows version is about 25 MB. Advertisements

Brain Games – Part I

April 25, 2007

Time to fire up your neurons and try some brain-stimulating games! Here are 4 to get you started: 1) Simon memory game: Just like the old electronic game; I had one just like this when I was a kid! You can download the Flash game by following this link, right click on the Simon game […]

Lost Labyrinth

April 20, 2007

Lost Labyrinth is a role-playing game for Windows and Linux that’s just over 6 MB and portable! The game is available in German, English and Spanish and is set to German by default. The graphics are pretty neat and the game supports 1 to 4 players. Screenshots can be found here.

Utilities: CHM decompiler

April 19, 2007

I came across this application today that allows you to covert a Windows CHM file (help files and ebooks) to HTML: CHM Decoder This little utility is useful if you like reading ebooks on your Palm or PocketPC as it takes the CHM file and converts it to a whole bunch of HTML files. It’s […]

Utilities: Convert

April 17, 2007

Convert is a very handy conversion application for Windows that you can carry around on your flash drive. It’s also quite small at 548 KB! It converts just about anything and if you find something missing, you can even add your own conversions.

Typhoon 2001 – Tempest Remake

April 13, 2007

Typhoon 2001 is loads of fun! Based on the Tempest arcade game, the object of the game is to move your spaceship along the outer edges of the playing field and shoot at the bad guys. This remake is so well done, you just have to try it out for yourself! You can see some […]

SkiFree – An Old Windows Classic

April 12, 2007

Remember this game from Windows 3.1? You can download good old SkiFree, both the old version and a newer 32-bit version, from the creator’s web site and learn the history of the game too. Head on over to Cheatbook to learn some game tricks like how to avoid getting eaten by the nasty Yeti (hint: […]

To Do List App

April 10, 2007

I’ve been using ToDoList by AbstractSpoon for a couple of week’s now and already consider it to be an indispensable tool to manage my tasks. You can break down tasks into several levels of sub-tasks and also use it for time tracking. While it doesn’t have extensive reports, it does come with the ability to […]


April 5, 2007

A game for everyone this weekend – Windows, Linux and Mac users – called Neverball. The game reminds me of Skyroads but with a ball instead of a spaceship. You have to tilt the platforms or roads and guide the ball along. It has really nice graphics, too. The Windows version is a hefty 30 […]

Spacejock free portable apps

April 3, 2007

Spacejock Software offers a whole bunch of free software that can be run from your flash drive when you download and install the separate Pendrive Runtimes. An explanation of how to install the apps to your flash drive can be found in the site’s download section. So what kind of apps can you find here? […]

GameBoy Emulator

April 1, 2007

Here’s a portable GameBoy emulator called Visual Boy Advance at only 1.72 MB: Visual Boy Advance And here’s where you can get some free (yes, they’re legal, too) GBA to play: http://www.gameboy-advance-roms.com/free_gba_roms.htm