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To Do List App

I’ve been using ToDoList by AbstractSpoon for a couple of week’s now and already consider it to be an indispensable tool to manage my tasks. You can break down tasks into several levels of sub-tasks and also use it for time tracking. While it doesn’t have extensive reports, it does come with the ability to export to CSV, HTML, Text and XML so that you can make your own.

Each project has its own file but ToDoList has a multi-tabbed interface that allows you to open all your projects at the same time. For each task within a project, you can add notes (with rich text formatting).

A great portable organizer/time tracker at only 1.50 MB!


2 Responses to “To Do List App”

  1. I agree, this tool is indispensable! I use it at work to track all my projects, website builds etc. Easy to use and the latest version is even better!

  2. Thanks for pointing out the new version of ToDoList, Steven. I’m trying it out now and it’s looking great. Here are some of the new features from the AbstractSpoon.com site:

    What’s New:

    * New Find Tasks dialog allows multiple attributes to be searched simultaneously
    * Due Time field
    * Task colouring extends to attribute columns
    * Better control of what attributes get exported/printed/etc
    * Multiple task dependencies (delimited by your regional list delimiter)
    * Undo/redo now concatenates edits of same type (within 5 second window)
    * Fixed multi-selected task display bug
    * Fixed filter bug
    * Fixed iCal exporter bugs
    * Fixed recurring task bug when completing via date or percent fields
    * Various minor UI ‘improvements’

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