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Brain Games – Part I

Time to fire up your neurons and try some brain-stimulating games! Here are 4 to get you started:

1) Simon memory game: Just like the old electronic game; I had one just like this when I was a kid! You can download the Flash game by following this link, right click on the Simon game and do a “Save As…” from the pop-up menu. You need to make sure you have a Flash player installed. You can also play online: http://www.80smusiclyrics.com/games/new4/simon.swf. You can also try another version out at Cyclog Software called Simon32

2) Suduko: From the PortableApps web site. This is a really great version!

3) Sokoban: Here’s an addictive 3D puzzle game that should keep you occupied for some time. You have to push the boxes on to the stars with the ball. Simple concept, hard to do and loads of fun!

4) Puzzle Game Collection by Simon Tatham: This is a great collection of 27 little puzzles. They run on Windows, Unix and Mac.

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