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Galaxian Obsession

I can’t seem to stop playing Galaxian! Here are a few more portable Galaxian games:

This is a Windows and Linux 3D game. It’s almost like a Skyroads mixed with Galaxian and it’s really good.

Online Galaxian Flash Games

Galaxian – easy version
This is a good training game for Galaxian; I was able to get through the third level on the first try. It’s much slower and the kamikaze ships don’t appear through the first three levels; I don’t know if they appear at all.

Galaxian and Galaga – faithful remakes
These are really good remakes! The Galaxian game was the best Flash version I tested.

And don’t forget, you can play Galaxian on many different emulators. Here’s a ColecoVision emulator that includes a game pack with Galaxian.

My favorite portable Galaxian is still Minionsoft’s Galaxian!

If you want to learn more about the game and its history, visit The Unofficial Galaxian Homepage.

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