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I Love Galaxian!!

I came across another excellent Galaxian remake called Carax. Like any Galaxian game, it keeps the adrenaline pumping and it has some new twists too! What’s neat with this version is that it’s a timed attack: you shoot as many Galaxians as you can during this time; every time you die, you loose 10 seconds but get to keep playing.

As if that isn’t enough to stress you out, the kamikaze Galaxians also launch a whole bunch cruise missiles while attacking, so you not only have to dodge the ships but also the missiles.

Also different from the classic Galaxian is that you get to move your ship vertically too, which is really helpful when trying to outmaneuver those crazy ships and missiles. In classic Galaxian, you only could shoot one shot at a time but with this version, there are no such limits – shoot as much as you can!

The graphics are excellent and surprisingly, this great game is only 1.35 MB!

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