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Tron Weekend

I’m all set up for a Tron-filled weekend with the original Tron movie to watch and a portable Tron-based game called Light Cycle 3D!

The graphics in this game are just awesome and the game goes beyond the basic Tron games (at least the ones that I’ve played) in that you have tons of cool options besides just trying to block off your oponents. For example, you can speed up your car (you can also change the style and colour of your car), you can get shields that allow you to pass through walls, you can teleport, you can send your opponents’ screen view upside down (this is a network-capable game, but you can just play against the computer, too) and a slow-motion power-up. And that’s just some of the extra fun features in this game: check out the help file for a complete listing of all defensive and offensive power-ups that you can collect. This game is the best Light Cycle game I’ve ever played. It’s going to be a great Tron-weekend!


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