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Programming: Instant Rails

Time to upgrade your development skills with a new language? Why not try Ruby On Rails? Here’s a complete and portable Rails development environment called InstantRails, although you might want to add an IDE (I used Aptana’s RadRails, but it’s not portable).

Instant Rails contains everything you need to start coding, including Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL. It even includes PHP, in case you want to learn that too!


3 Responses to “Programming: Instant Rails”

  1. Aptana is portable, as is Eclipse with the Aptana perspective. You can just copy either app root from your PC to your USB drive and provide a reference to your JRE. If you target PC does not have the JRE, you can embed it. I can’r remember the exact location, but think it is \\jre\…. If the JRE cannot be found at app start-up, you will get a message indicating the app’s default location..

  2. And Instant Rails is nice 🙂

  3. Thanks for the correction on Aptana’s portability, Troy – I’ll have to try that out!

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