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Cauldron Remake for Halloween!

This fantastic Cauldron Remake. was featured on the RetroRemakes blog recently.

Cauldron is a combination of side-scrolling action, platforms and mazes and plenty of old hags (you start off with 9 lives) in which you have to collect ingredients so that you can defeat an evil pumpkin. You can only land (and take off) in clearnings (i.e., in between trees and caves).



By the way, you can also download one of the original versions of the game from Commodore to play on your emulator. Cauldron and Cauldron 2 are available at www.c64g.com.


9 Responses to “Cauldron Remake for Halloween!”

  1. Hello,
    I hope, that you will have fun with my cauldorn remake 😉

    Sorry for server problems in the past, but everything should work fine now.

    Cheers, Markus

  2. Thanks for the update Markus!

  3. Excellent – I updated it in the post!

  4. BTW. Did you know, that I have a CPC emulator running as java applet? For this also exists a html code to embed it on a foreign website. If you are interested, please contact me.

  5. I was looking at that CPC emulator – pretty neat! There is even a Cauldron 2!

    Can you run any games from this link:
    If so, how?

  6. yes, you can run the games from this site.
    But: the site only works in Microsoft IE, not in Mozilla Firefox 😦
    Open the site with IE, then click on the desired game. The game will open in the emulator. To use Joystick, turn Num-Lock on, and use the number-pad as joystick. 5 = Fire, 4,8,6,2 = directions
    But I also have got a little html code for embedding a small popup window including this full emulator, with this popup you can run every game you want. This popup also includes a short help. Please aske me about the popup-window via email to cpc-live[at]devilmarkus.de

  7. hi m8 i luve this game on the c64, youve done a great job on this verion 4 the pc nice 1 m8

  8. Hi there,
    I made a new website for Amstrad CPC gaming.

    This site also works in Firefox.
    It’s a website for gaming only. So you will find many games.
    Simply click on a screenshot and the game should boot automatically.
    You can choose between regular joystick emulation, and Q,A,O,P – joystick, where SPACE is FIRE.
    Please notice: Always reset the emulator before changing / leaving the page to avoid sound-lacks…


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