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The Guide: A Two-Pane Portable Outliner

I recently talked about a single-pane outliner, and decided to try out a two-pane outliner called The Guide. It’s a lot more feature-rich and mature compared to TKOutliner. Outliners are great for planning out your writing, storing information and even managing your to do lists. The Guide is great for planning your outline and offers a second window so that you can continue working and expanding your ideas. It has the look of a Windows help file but of course allows full rich-text editing and allows you to change background colour (for those who get headaches staring at a white background). Another really nice feature is that it can act as a lightweight wiki, storing all your information in one place : you can add internal (and external links) and can easily find information with the useful search features.

The Guide is completely portable, and less than 1 MB! All your work can be exported to RTF format.

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