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Space:1999 Part 3- Paper Craft

[See Part 2 of this series for a Space:1999 Eagle simulator game]

Here are all the available Space:1999 paper craft models I’ve found on the internet. Unfortunately, I did not find one of moonbase Alpha…yet.

Beginner’s Version: An excellent model to start with since it’s a bit simpler. This one should be printed with a colour printer. Download at http://www.domatine.com/site.htm

Advanced Versions:The following two Eagles are the same except that the second one is coloured. I found these PDFs on zealot.com – a forum for model builders. The plans do not have a permanent home elsewhere on the internet, so I’m uploading them directly here. They are excellent and realistic models and are really challenging to build.

White Eagle: This Eagle can be printed on a black and white printer. white-eagle-2.pdf

Danoman Eagle: This Eagle looks best printed in colour. danoman-eagle.pdf

Moon Buggy
Build the moon buggy used in Space:1999. A reference photo is included in the download link.

Jay’s Box of Sc-Fi Card Toys has a whole bunch of free paper spaceship models to download. He has a lot of Star Trek ships too. From Space:1999, he has a Hawk available. These ships were seen only in the “War Games” episode from Season 1. Some good reference photos of the Hawk can be found at the Space:1999 Catacombs.

Download this model directly at http://www.savefile.com/projects/1034167 and scroll down to Hawk Mk. IX.

UPDATE: Here are 2 additional papercraft models for a Space:1999 commlock and laser gun

The commlock used for communications and opening doors. http://users.sdccu.net/chthulhu2/models/commlock.html

Stun Gun
A paper model of the guns used on the show. http://users.sdccu.net/chthulhu2/models/stungun.html


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