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September 13, 2008

Enigma is a puzzle remake of Atari’s Oxyd. The goal is to roll your marble around so that it hits the special Oxyd stones (usually they are located along the level’s outer walls, like the black stones in the screenshot below), which then open to reveal a coloured tile. You can open two at a […]

Make Your Own Wall Sized Poster From Any Image

September 12, 2008

Here’s a fun little weekend project to do: make a wall sized poster to decorate your room. There are two portable tools to help you do this. The first is Rasterbator, which now has a portable version of their online image rasterizing software. Check out their gallery for inspiration and to get an idea of […]

3D Chess Game

September 4, 2008

PouetChess is a portable 3D chess game for Windows and Linux. It comes with 8 levels of difficulty; the default is normal. You can change the camera view according to your preference with the arrow keys. Great little game for when you can’t find anyone to play chess with!