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Portable Planetary Exploration

October 24, 2008

If you’ve been watching way too many Space:1999 re-runs like I have lately, you might have gotten the urge to travel through space and explore the universe. If so, here’s a neat little portable app to help you do that; it’s called Celestia and it’s available at portableapps.com. Here’s an image of the Moon: The […]

Make Your Own Wall Sized Poster From Any Image

September 12, 2008

Here’s a fun little weekend project to do: make a wall sized poster to decorate your room. There are two portable tools to help you do this. The first is Rasterbator, which now has a portable version of their online image rasterizing software. Check out their gallery for inspiration and to get an idea of […]

Portable Video Convertor

August 11, 2008

One of the biggest gripes I have with my iPod Classic is the fact that it does not play AVI format video files. 3GP Converter is a Windows-based lightweight and portable software for converting your videos to several formats, including iPod. After you unzip the download, click on setup.exe to select your preferences. If you’re […]

Utilities: Text File Splitter

July 9, 2008

Textwedge is a portable text file splitter. Text splitters have various uses, but they are invaluable if you have an iPod and love to read ebooks due to the 4 KB file size limitations it imposes. How to Split eBooks for your iPod Step 1: Open up Textwedge and select Dialogs from the main menu. […]

Using your iPod for reading ebooks

June 28, 2008

[UPDATE: See TextWedge File Splitter for an easy-to-use solution for splitting text files for your iPod.] I recently got an iPod Classic, and I hoped it would make a good ebook reader to replace my very excellent but dying Palm Tungsten. Well, it turns out it isn’t; there are no reading features important to obsessive […]

Portable CD Ripper

May 1, 2008

Portable Apps has released a portable CD Ripper and converter called BonkEnc. Download at: http://www.portableapps.com The app is easy to use, runs on Windows (and Linux with Wine) and offers support for 32 languages! And it only takes up about 4 MB on your flash drive!

Portable Stickies

February 21, 2008

Lifehacker blog pointed out this nifty little stickies app for Windows called Hott Notes. A free app with lots of neat features like alarms, checkboxes and a desktop manager so that you can archive your notes and manage them more easily. Make sure to select the Portable Edition from the author’s website if you want […]

Q10 – My New Favorite Text Editor

February 9, 2008

I have been typing like a maniac since installing the awesome Q10 editor – a simple full-screen editor whose slogan is: your inner critic will hate this editor. This small (400 KB, or 900KB for the spell checker version), completely portable editor is for Windows only. Opening up Q10 blackens your screen, and displays eye-friendly […]

Scrolling App for Readers and Musicians

January 19, 2008

BPM Notepad is a really simple portable app that allows you to automatically scroll down a text file at variable speeds for hands-free reading. It’s especially targeted to guitar players who need to scroll down a tab while playing – really useful! Platforms: Windows, Linux Size: about 2 MB

The Guide: A Two-Pane Portable Outliner

November 29, 2007

I recently talked about a single-pane outliner, and decided to try out a two-pane outliner called The Guide. It’s a lot more feature-rich and mature compared to TKOutliner. Outliners are great for planning out your writing, storing information and even managing your to do lists. The Guide is great for planning your outline and offers […]

Portable WordPress Tutorials

October 29, 2007

If you ever wanted to install WordPress on your flash drive, here are two tutorials that explain how to do it: 1) http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/usb/ 2) http://ralph.fm/2007/03/08/how-to-install-wordpress-on-a-usb-stick/ Update: Once the local version of your blog is ready to go live, you can easily migrate it to your web server. Andrew Strojny’s tutorial, Convert A Local WordPress XAMPP […]

Portable Goodies for Guitarists

October 14, 2007

I was looking for a guitar tuner this week and found this site: http://www.yellow-gold-soft.com/. It has a Guitar Tuning Fork and several other music-related free software such as Tonometer to tune a variety of musical instruments Musical Examiner to train your musical ear Metronome And a little Flash-based Virtual Piano

Programming: Instant Rails

October 2, 2007

Time to upgrade your development skills with a new language? Why not try Ruby On Rails? Here’s a complete and portable Rails development environment called InstantRails, although you might want to add an IDE (I used Aptana’s RadRails, but it’s not portable). Instant Rails contains everything you need to start coding, including Ruby, Rails, Apache, […]