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Portable Video Convertor

August 11, 2008

One of the biggest gripes I have with my iPod Classic is the fact that it does not play AVI format video files. 3GP Converter is a Windows-based lightweight and portable software for converting your videos to several formats, including iPod. After you unzip the download, click on setup.exe to select your preferences. If you’re […]

Utilities: Text File Splitter

July 9, 2008

Textwedge is a portable text file splitter. Text splitters have various uses, but they are invaluable if you have an iPod and love to read ebooks due to the 4 KB file size limitations it imposes. How to Split eBooks for your iPod Step 1: Open up Textwedge and select Dialogs from the main menu. […]

Using your iPod for reading ebooks

June 28, 2008

[UPDATE: See TextWedge File Splitter for an easy-to-use solution for splitting text files for your iPod.] I recently got an iPod Classic, and I hoped it would make a good ebook reader to replace my very excellent but dying Palm Tungsten. Well, it turns out it isn’t; there are no reading features important to obsessive […]