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September 13, 2008

Enigma is a puzzle remake of Atari’s Oxyd. The goal is to roll your marble around so that it hits the special Oxyd stones (usually they are located along the level’s outer walls, like the black stones in the screenshot below), which then open to reveal a coloured tile. You can open two at a […]

Fish Fillets

July 24, 2008

Fish Fillets is a puzzle game having the objective of helping 2 fish to find their way out of each of the 70 level screens. This is done by having them push things out of the way and working together to help each other out. The fish are secret agents (Mission Impossible-style) and have several […]

Brain Games – Part I

April 25, 2007

Time to fire up your neurons and try some brain-stimulating games! Here are 4 to get you started: 1) Simon memory game: Just like the old electronic game; I had one just like this when I was a kid! You can download the Flash game by following this link, right click on the Simon game […]