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April 29, 2007

Here’s another guide-the-ball-through-a-maze game called Trackballs. There’s a version for Windows and Linux. The Windows version is about 25 MB. Advertisements


April 5, 2007

A game for everyone this weekend – Windows, Linux and Mac users – called Neverball. The game reminds me of Skyroads but with a ball instead of a spaceship. You have to tilt the platforms or roads and guide the ball along. It has really nice graphics, too. The Windows version is a hefty 30 […]

Portable Games: SkyRoads

August 16, 2006

SkyRoads is a sweet little game from 1993 in which you maneuver a space ship, always keeping it on a path full of stairs, holes and obstacles. In today’s post, we’ll look at two SkyRoads games; the original and a modern Windows/Linux version called Jumpnroll. Both are, as usual, free and portable. The original SkyRoads […]