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Space:1999 Part 3- Paper Craft

August 8, 2008

[See Part 2 of this series for a Space:1999 Eagle simulator game] Here are all the available Space:1999 paper craft models I’ve found on the internet. Unfortunately, I did not find one of moonbase Alpha…yet. Eagles Beginner’s Version: An excellent model to start with since it’s a bit simpler. This one should be printed with […]

Space:1999 Part 2- Eagle Simulator

July 28, 2008

[See Part 1 of this series for a Space:1999 video game] You can finally fulfill your dream of flying an Eagle over Moonbase Alpha! Just follow these steps and you’ll be ready for lift-off in no time. STEP 1: Download Orbiter Orbiter is a free space flight simulator that can be downloaded at http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/. It’s […]

Space:1999 Part 1-Game

July 26, 2008

I’m a huge fan of the 1970’s TV show Space: 1999: a massive nuclear explosion on the moon knocks it out of Earth’s orbit and sends it out on a journey into space along with the personnel of Moonbase Alpha (and all their cool spaceships called Eagles). I know, I know, the premise is not […]